Information for New Volunteers

Thank you for registering as a volunteer with Mid-Valley Harvest! By volunteering with Mid-Valley Harvest, you are agreeing to the Terms of Participation. Here is other helpful information.


Everyone who attends a harvest must first be registered as a volunteer. Once you are registered, you are eligible to sign up for harvests. If you have not signed up for a harvest in a 12 month period, you will become inactive and will no longer be sent emails announcing large harvests. You can go to the Update page to renew your registration.

Find out about harvests

For large harvests, we will send an email with a description of the harvest and a link to the Harvests page.

An email is not sent for smaller harvests, but they are posted on the Harvests page. Often, we find out about crop donations on very short notice, so check your email or the Harvests page regularly.

Sign up for a harvest

To sign up, click on the Harvests link, and then type in your name. You must type it exactly as you did when you first registered, so we can match your record in our database.You must read and check off the Release and Waiver to be added to the roster. Then click on the button that says ‘Signup for this harvest.’

If you want to provide additional support at a harvest, check the box below your name to volunteer as a Harvest Assistant. A Harvest Assistant usually volunteers for a thirty minute shift during a harvest. Some duties as an assistant include checking in volunteers and guiding volunteers to available parking. The Harvest Leader will contact you if you have been selected as an assistant and will assign your job duties. In the case of a waiting list for a harvest, signing up as an assistant may give you priority over others on the waiting list

How will I know where the harvest is?

After you sign up, you’ll see a page with the address of the harvest and helpful information, such as whether a ladder is needed. This is the only place the actual address appears on the website so write it down or print it out.

You’ll also receive an email with the same information and a link back to that web page. If you want to check out your history of participation, go to the Attendance Request page. To have the email with the harvest address resent, go to the Current Signups. Both of these links can be found from the Volunteer page.

Please cancel if you can’t make it!

If your schedule changes, please remove your name from both the roster and the waiting list. The email you receive after signing up for a harvest will include a link where you can cancel. Your courtesy will help ensure there are enough volunteers for the harvest.

When you arrive …

Please arrive to the harvest on time. When you arrive, the Harvest Assistants will show you where to park and help you check in. The Harvest Leader will provide a brief orientation with helpful tips and information about the property.

Every adult who attends a harvest must be a registered volunteer and must have signed up online for that harvest. Children do not need to register or sign up, but must be supervised by an adult who is on the roster. Please note that not all harvests allow children. We will post specific information when harvests are child-friendly.

What should I bring to the harvest?

  • Bring water to drink, and please take care of any bathroom needs before arriving. We will not have access to a restroom.
  • We hope to purchase a few orchard ladders and to have them available at harvests. If you have an orchard ladder, please let us know and you may be encouraged to bring it. We always provide as much information as possible about the height of the trees and the fruit, so that you can make the decision about whether or not to bring a ladder. If you have an orchard ladder, you are encouraged to bring it. Step ladders are not as stable as orchard ladders, but they can be useful where the ground is level. Extension ladders are not useful. No one under age 13 is allowed to climb a ladder.
  • You may want to bring gloves for handling wooden ladders or latex gloves for picking fruit.
  • Bring a reusable bag. Our volunteer gleaners pick for The Food Bank first, but when there is still excess food, and the farmer agrees, the volunteers can sample the harvest and take something home.

What should I wear?

We suggest sunblock, a long-sleeved T-shirt, long pants, comfortable closed-toe shoes and a hat (trees are often dusty).

Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. If you still have questions, email us at