Mid-Valley Harvest is a program of Salem Harvest that reduces food waste by harvesting produce from local farms and residential fruit trees. The bounty is then donated to local food banks increasing access, availability, and awareness of healthy produce to under-served populations. We are always looking to partner with residential fruit tree owners


  • Get food to those in need: We donate at least 50% harvested and fruit to the emergency food system. The rest of the fruit is divided among the volunteer harvesters!
  • Mess: Fruit trees can get messy! If you don't harvest all the fruit on your tree, the fruit will drop, rot, smell, and attract pests. Whenever volunteers are called to harvest, we harvest all fruit within reach (we use ladders and extended pickers) and pick up the ground fall as well to leave your property nice and clean after we leave!
  • Simplicity: Volunteers can work with your schedule. We will work with you to find the easiest way to remove your excess. The coordinator can check also check in via phone or email throughout the season at the your convenience.
  • No Liability: Homeowners that work with Mid-Valley Harvest are not liable for potential damage from their crop or to volunteers. Produce donated through Mid-Valley Harvest is covered by the Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.
  • Tax Write Off: All Homeowners receive a donation receipt that certifies our non-profit status and amount of produce that you donated.

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