Farm Information

After we receive a request, Mid-Valley Harvest arranges a visit with the food producer. This is to find out:

  • produce quantity and quality
  • parking availability
  • harvest dates and times that would work for the grower
  • Based on this information, we post the harvest on our website. Our volunteers are notified that a harvest has been posted, what the general location is, and what produce will be harvested.

    Volunteers receive the exact location and instructions only after they sign up for a harvest and agree to our liability waiver. This waiver covers both the grower and Mid-Valley Harvest.

    We arrange for trained assistants to be on-site a half hour before the harvest starts to set up for the harvest, help people park their cars, and check in. The harvest does not start until the designated time.

    All volunteers are given an orientation about the farm, why we are picking there, how to recognize and harvest ripe produce, safety guidelines, and any special instructions.

    Mid-Valley Harvest makes arrangements to transport the donated produce. Our trained leaders and assistants are the last to leave.

    After the completion of the harvest we send information about your generous gift, including a tax donation receipt.

    Additional Information

  • Our Harvest Leaders are trained in scouting crops, managing volunteers, and answering any of your questions in addition to a wide variety of other skills. They handle each harvest with respect and preparation.
  • All of the volunteers that have registered with Mid-Valley Harvest have agreed to our Terms of Participation.
  • For more information contact Becca, our Harvest Director or you can register your site here.
    Email -
    Phone - 541-286-3211 extension 1